There is only one TWC, Inc. don’t be fooled. Check for the TWC logo. There are several Portland window cleaning businesses using the TWC name in their web sites. I put a snapshot of my 1st truck in here just for enjoyment. Check out the date. Not too much time after this she was retired. I actually do miss my 1969 Chevrolet with a 396 cubic inch motor. I wish I had more photos of my old truck. Free estimates at 503-309-9937


Portland Gutter Cleaning by Elements is a family owned and managed business. And has been caring for dazzling residential properties in the Portland metro area since the beginning of 1996. Since day one they have had a customer service focus. See for yourself why so many families have used Elements Gutter Cleaning for all of their gutter cleaning and window cleaning services year after year.

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Here at Total Window Cleaning through the use of pure water technique we utilize the water-fed pole washing system with De-ionized filtered water, a telescopic pole and a soft brush. We can wash windows 4 stories when carefully standing on the ground. Pure water window cleaning dries spot free without the need for ladders. As the nation’s leader in our market using the De-ionized purified process has formed our good name furnishing superior quality services to numerous valuable clients.

Whenever it comes to improving your home call the industry experts. Total Window Cleaning, Inc. is a family owned and operated establishment. We work skillfully and carefully, with consistently unparalleled top notch individual services. We have worked wonders on some of the most tricky homes in the Portland metro area for over fifteen years. Since day 1 we have had a customer service priority.
See for yourself personally why so many customers have chosen Total Window Cleaning for all of their window cleaning and gutter cleaning expert services year after year.

Your home is our number one top priority. We are one of a handful of companies who cover our employees by Worker’s Compensation and carry liability Insurance, giving protection to our valuable customer from any likely claims.

This is just some photos I’ve taken at work. Some are old pictures. Most of these images are within the last couple of months though. As you can see it’s absolutely amazing how many appealing scenes there are on any given day?

portland gutter cleaning picturesportland gutter cleaning picturesportland gutter cleaning

portland gutter cleaning picturesportland gutter cleaning picturesportland gutter cleaning pictures

portland gutter cleaningportland gutter cleaning picturesportland gutter cleaning pictures

portland gutter cleaning picturesportland gutter cleaning picturesportland gutter cleaning pictures


This was the craziest wind I’ve ever worked in. It took two of us to do a one man job. We tied a rope to a stake we drove in the ground. There’s not a lot we can’t handle. But yes our safety measures always come first. For your comfort TWC, Inc. is licensed, bonded, insured and we carry workers compensation. Serving gorgeous households in the Portland metro area at an amount you can afford.


Consumer full satisfaction is our #1 one importance, and our current/past clientele have come to expect nothing less from our experienced cleaning crew. We recognized that from the 1st day that Total Window Cleaning opened its doors for business (back in spring of 1996), and we keep working to make that the number one priority in 2010!

Protecting your gutters and downspouts is almost always forgotten about tasks around the house. Unfortunately, most people wait to clean them when there is a dilemma. Prevent high priced problems by having your gutters maintained regularly. It is beneficial that you clean your gutters at least twice a year. If you have trees close to your house, once in the spring and once in the fall. This will stop rain from overflowing and standing water and tree branches, leaves and other debris from freezing in the winter.

Regular routine maintenance cleanings are the best way to eliminate water destruction to your home. Pay a little now to keep them clean or you could end up spending a lot more if your gutters are not maintained professionally. If you think a few pine needles and leaves in your gutter are innocent, you may want to think again. Clean gutters are one of the most crucial preventatives to staying away from large and steeply-priced home repairs. Gutters main function is handling the water around your home. If leaves and debris keeps them from doing their job, you may wind up with some considerable challenges. This chore is best when taken care of by a expert who can accomplish the job immediately, efficiently, and at a affordable price. It’s valuable to be careful about always keeping this part of your home’s structure in excellent operating order.

Cleaning gutters to handle water flow is an crucial element of appropriate property upkeep. Regular gutter cleaning is necessary for getting ready for the Portland rainy period to eliminate destruction caused by backed-up and overloaded gutters. If not regularly cared for, rain water will cause damage to your paint, siding and windows, as well as corrode foundations, cause structural wood rot, and produce moisture for various types of ants, termites and other insects.

Gutter cleaning is definitely not most peoples favorite thing, on the other hand a rather significant thing you can do to protect your property from unwanted complications. Give us a call and we will remedy any concerns you have and set a scheduled visit to give you clean gutters along with peace of mind. Obstructed gutters can cause water to overflow in the rear of the fascia towards the walls of your house, over the edge of the gutter bombarding your downstairs room walls. The unwanted weight can make the gutters sage and fail. Boost moss and algae growth. Free estimates 503-309-9937

Elements is dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality cleaning and maintenance services for commercial and residential projects. Beginning in 1996, we have become the leader throughout the Portland metro area in the proper cleaning of rain gutters and downspouts. Our clients value our customer service, attention to detail and high standards of workmanship.

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Gutter cleaning is a gross and challenging task that really should be done at minimum twice a year, it’s routine maintenance for your house. If your gutters are stuffed you need to act now and take care of your home from the catastrophic impact of water harm that will happen when clogged gutters are not cleaned and do not drain effectively. Gutters keep water and unwanted debris from running down the siding of your home, this is critical in preserving your siding free of mold and mildew. Call now. 503-309-9937